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Item# HT-01 11 piece Snap ring plier set...$39.99

Item# HT-02 6 piece plier set...$29.99

This snap ring plier set is ideal for automotive work. These hand tools can perform a wide variety of jobs.
CR-MO Steel, heat treated
Comfortable insulated vinyl handles
Set contains:
5 1/2" Bent pliers: 0.38"
5 1/2" Bent pliers: 0.47"
7 1/2" Bent pliers: 0.70"
8 1/2" Bent pliers: 0.90"
6" Straight pliers: 0.38"
6" Straight pliers: 0.47"
8" Straight pliers: 0.70"
9" Straight pliers: 0.90"
5" Hook tool
5" Pick tool
Carrying/storage case
Snap ring set
Snap ring set
This plier set is the ideal addition to your toolbox. It contains a variety of pliers and cutters so you can complete almost any task. This set would be a great gift idea for the do-it-yourselfer. These pliers will complete your hand tool collection for any garage, home or workshop.
Drop forged with a swivel pad
Includes 1 each:
6" Diagonal Cutter
7" Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter
8" Long Nose Plier
8" Linesman Plier
10" Groove Joint Plier
10" Slip Joint Plier
Plier set
Plier set
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